Ocean Burger

Square shape, abundant layers ‘fish meat’ with real burgers taste.
Available in: 225g and 1350g


Ready as soon as you open the can. Fresh out of the sea.
Available in: 100g and 500g

Crab Cake

A nutritious and sustainable alternative, looks and tastes like real crab meat.
Available in: 360g

Classic Fillet

In its original form, unbattered and unbreaded plain plantbased fish fillet.
Available in: 200g and 1500g

Golden Fillet

Golden-crusted and succulent, retains the flakiness and tenderness of real fish
Available in: 210g and 1500g


Meat made from peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms, and rice.
Available in: 100g and 500g


No cholesterol, rich in protein and provides dietary fiber and calcium.
Available in: 240g and 800g

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