Nature’s Charm

Oat Whipping Cream

Perfect oat cream for desserts, cakes, pancakes or hot chocolate.
Available in: 400ml (24 cans/case)

Coconut Custard

Smooth, creamy, and delicious, with a hint of vanilla. This custard is loaded.
Available in: 400ml (24 cans/case)

Coconut Whipping Cream

Has no palm or vegetable oil and is cholesterol and trans-fat-free.
Available in: 400ml (24 cans/case)

Coconut Evaporated Milk

So mild and smooth, a delicious replacement for milk and cream.
Available in: 360ml (24 cans/case)

Condensed Coconut Milk

First commercially introduced condensed milk made from coconuts.
Available in: 320ml (24 cans/case)

Oat Condensed Coconut Milk

A naturally dairy-free alternative to traditional condensed milk.
Available in: 320ml (24 cans/case)

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